Zoombiniville 2

Zoombiniville is the current home of the Zoombinis, after they escaped from Zoombini Isle. It is located at the edge of the Mountains of Despair. It is a grassy, hilly land of hope and prosperity for all Zoombinis to live in.


Each time a group of 16 Zoombinis traveled the whole journey to Zoombiniville without losing any along the way, a building was built in celebration of it. The buildings were built in this order: band shell, windmill, general store, swimming pool, clock tower, bowling alley, fire station, opera house, paper clip museum, courthouse, monument, school, city hall, library, observatory, and playground.

In the remake, a building is built each time a group of 16 Zoombinis makes it through one leg of the journey without losing a single one. Each building is given a new visual design, based on the different parts of the journey the Zoombinis face:



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