A small group of unique Zoombinis.

Body Color

Light Blue

Hair Color

Navy Blue




A various Zoombini.

Zoombinis are a race of little blue creatures with variable physical features. They are typically a good-hearted, friendly race and they are very trusting. However, they do learn from their mistakes and will never be fooled twice.

A group of Zoombinis left long ago and became the off-shoot race known as the Fleens, who are not as nice or as trusting as their Zoombini cousins.

Logical Journey of the ZoombinisEdit

Initially living in propserous peace, the Zoombinis inhabited a small island known as Zoombini Isle. One day, however, a curious race called the Bloats pays the Zoombinis a visit and offers to make a deal with them. The Bloats proffered that they would help the Zoombinis grow their businesses, expand their trade, and improve their quality of life. Trustfully accepting their offer, the Zoombinis agreed.

Unfortunately, before long, the Bloats took over the entire Zoombinis race, and the whole of Zoombini Isle. They had taken over everything. The Zoombinis' lives were becoming very stressful and unhealthy. Fed up with the enslavement, the Zoombinis came up with a plan to escape from Zoombini Isle, and to find a new land to reside in.

Once the escape plan is set into motion, the Zoombinis travel in groups of 16 across a series of puzzles. Striving through these puzzles, they manage to get all 625 of them to Zoombiniville, their new home.


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