Ulla Instantaneous is a kind-hearted squirrel who is the concierge of Hotel Dimensia. Even at closing time, she kindly lets the Zoombinis stay overnight at her tree-trunk hotel. Her hotel closes at midnight, every night.


  • "Guests? Ah, guests! I'll be right down. Make yourselves cosy!"
  • "Welcome! You're just in time for tomorrow's concerto! Help yourselves to a room. I got rehearsal. Go ahead, find yourselves a room!"
  • "'Bout to close up shut! Grab a room!"
  • "A place for everyone, and everyone in some place. Hurry and find yours."
  • "I'm lockin' up soon, better get indoors."
  • "It's closing time. Goodnight!"
  • "Sorry folks, we are closed for the night!"
  • "Sorry! Gotta close the joint! Nothing gets in or out 'til the morning!"
  • "Hey, you're ready to snooze! Dream a little dream!"
  • "Oh, just look at the time! Gotta flick! See you in the morning!"
  • "Hey, that's cool! A place for everyone and everyone in a place!"
  • "Nice, Charlie. Very nice. I gotta close up, why don't you keep playing? I'll be right back."
  • "Hello, hello, hello! Good ta see ya! Thanks to you and your cousins, we added rooms! But you always show up at closing time! What gives? Anyway, you know what to do. Go and grab a bunk. Gotta go, practice makes perfect! Unless you practice, imperfectly!"
  • "Hey kids, nice to see you!"