Map - Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

The Big, the Bad and the Hungry is the first leg of your journey in the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. It is composed of three puzzles:

The region starts at Zoombini Isle, and ends at the Shelter Rock campsite.

The region is named after the "big" Allergic Cliffs, the "bad" Stone Guards of the Stone Cold Caves, and the "hungry" Pizza Trolls.


For the most part, it is a barren landscape where not much grows. There are many grassy fields around the area though, such as the one where the Allergic Cliffs are. A small river goes through the Allergic Cliffs as well, which is what is to believed to have formed the cliffs by erosion. If you were to travel through the region, you would find that almost every area has cliffs near by, no matter what their size. Caves are also very common in this area, such as The Stone Cold Caves. At the end of the region lies Shelter Rock, where Zoombinis who traveled there would move on to the other regions.

Life FormsEdit

This region has the most unusual forms of life in any region. Most of the presumed inanimate objects you would find are alive. Many rocks have faces; even piles of rocks live, as do the guardians of The Stone Cold Caves. The faces of the Allergic Cliffs are actually faces. Trees in The Big, Bad, and the Hungry are intelligent life forms. Pizza trolls live here which look like tree stumps. This is not unusual in the region. Fleens also live in the eastern parts of this region, although not as common as they are in the Deep, Dark Forest. Arno, one of the Pizza Trolls, sometimes mentions that the Zoombinis are not Fleens upon seeing them, as if he were expecting Fleens.


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