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Shelter Rock without any Zoombinis present

Shelter Rock is the first camp in Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. It comes after Pizza Pass, the last puzzle in The Big, the Bad, and the Hungry, the first section of the trip. This camp allows you to pick from two paths; the north path takes you to Who's Bayou (starting with Captain Cajun's Ferryboat)  while the south path takes you to the Deep, Dark Forest (starting with Fleens!). The only other camp is Shade Tree.  Being right on the border of the three regions, if has geography similar to all three of them. This being that it is mildly moist, has trees nearby, and rocky.

Gameplay in Camps[]

In order to proceed from a camp, the player must have 16 Zoombinis. If any were lost along the way, another troupe must be brought along to fill the number. When extra Zoombinis are present, they will be stored in the cubby-holes in the back of the camp. These appear to be able to hold 25 Zoombinis, but they can be scrolled in either direction. They will not move more than two columns if there are not Zoombinis present, but if the cubbies are full they can scroll as far as necessary to accommodate more.

Shelter Rock Secrets[]

There are a great many amusing and somewhat off-putting secrets in Shelter Rock.

  • Clicking on the mushrooms changes their color (although not in the original version).
  • Clicking on the rock by the fire that looks like a Zoombini could sit on it will cause a gigantic stone head to pop out of the ground and look around with a grunt before going back under.
  • Clicking on the hole in the log in the foreground causes two lights to appear, looking like eyes. Then two fireflies flutter out, implying that the eyes were only the player's imagination. Creepy music plays through the animation.
  • Clicking the fern-like plant in the background will cause it to walk forward, revealing that it is actually a porcupine-like animal with massive back spines. It then walks back into its place.
  • Clicking the fire causes the soup to boil over.
  • Clicking the three rocks in the pond in the background causes them to rise up, showing that they are the head and knees of a giant stone man. The man washes himself with a brush while whistling and singing before going back underwater.
  • Clicking on the water by the rocks will cause a fish to jump out of the water twice.