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Shade Tree Camp with a few Zoombinis in the cubby-holes

Shade Tree is the second and final camp in Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, the first being Shelter RockStone Rise, the last puzzle in Who's Bayou, and Mudball Wall, the last puzzle in the Deep, Dark Forest, both lead to this camp. This camp leads to the Mountains of Despair, the last leg of the journey.  This has many trees around it. The narrator was voiced by Rick Jones.

Gameplay in Camps[]

In order to proceed from a camp, the player must have 16 Zoombinis. If any were lost along the way, another troupe must be brought along to fill the number. When extra Zoombinis are present, they will be stored in the cubby-holes in the back of the camp. These appear to be able to hold 25 Zoombinis, but they can be scrolled in either direction. They will not move more than two columns if there are not Zoombinis present, but if the cubbies are full they can scroll as far as necessary to accommodate more.

Shade Tree Secrets[]

Shade Tree has many amusing and off-putting secrets.

  • Clicking on the "steps" up to the cubby-holes (in the tree) causes them to pop out and play sounds. The top step makes a creaking sound, the middle step makes a doorbell sound, and the bottom step makes a coughing sound.
  • Clicking the rock to the right of the fire causes it to get forced into the air by a geyser of water. After a moment, there is a sound like a faucet being turned off, the water stops coming, and the rock falls back into place.
  • Clicking the log to the left of the fire causes it to crawl off behind Shade Tree like an inchworm. Clicking the empty space it leaves causes it to crawl back.
  • Clicking the ring of rocks around the fire causes them to rise up and reveal that they are pipes (like those of a pipe organ). They play a warmup and then a song, then go back down.
  • Clicking the mountains in the background causes a thunderstorm to come over them.
  • Clicking the sticks where the fire should be causes two of them to rise, as if moved by an unseen hand. They rub together and start a fire.
  • Clicking the odd-looking tree causes it to move over and do one of three things. The first time, it burps up a bat. The second time, a pileated woodpecker lands on it and the tree angrily shoos it away. The third time, it pukes up several leaves and acorns, then acts embarrased as it picks them up and swallows them again.
  • Clicking the hand-like branch on the left side of Shade Tree causes it to move and scratch an itch on the tree.