Scoobybay's Adventures of Zoombinis is a movie created by The Learning Company.


Scoobybay is on his way to school when suddenly a whirlpool transports him into a boring world. He finds himself and looks at the world. The world is actually Zoombinis Logical Journey. He goes on his way to the bloat where is first stop is the Allergic Cliffs. He tries to take the nearby cliff's bridge, but the cliff sneezes and blows him off the bridge and a peg falls off. But he takes the other cliff's bridge and then continues on his journey. He now arrives at the Stone Cold Caves, where the stone guards, Ignorameous, Onyx, Ferrous and Crystal are sleeping. He tickles Crystal's tummy, which causes her to laugh. But he talks to each of them to know which way he should go, but Ferrous says she picks her and Crystal's side. Before Scoobybay leaves, he is spooked by a loud growling noise, but Crystal reveals it is in her tummy and says she is hungry. He keeps telling the truth about Arno, but after he is finished, he is spooked by Crystal's growling tummy again, thinking this time it is thunder. Soon, he has an idea. He gives pizza to each of the stone guards, making them hungry and the growling goes away. He kisses each of them goodbye, even for Crystal to blush. Then she says it was good of him to drop in. He then meets three trolls. There is Arno, who is grouchy and mean, Willa, who is beautiful, and Shyler, who is very shy. He suddenly hears another growling noise, which this time it is Shyler's tummy and says he is hungry. Scoobybay then gives a pizza to each of the trolls, making them hungry like the stone guards. Scoobybay kisses each troll, for Shyler to blush like Crystal. Then he continues to Shelter Rock.