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Three Pizza Trolls. From left to right: Arno, Willa, and Shyler.

Shyler after eating his pizza

The Pizza Trolls are a race of tree stump-like creatures. Pizza trolls are bigger and much stronger than Zoombinis. They are very hungry creatures and have a constant desire for pizza. They tend to be extremely picky. All three of them make appearance in the puzzle Pizza Pass.



  • Fleens? You're not Fleens!
  • Hmph! Whatever you are...MAKE ME A PIZZA!
  • Pizza for breakfast, pizza with tea, pizza for lunch and snack and dinner and dessert, baby it would... satisfy me!
  • Oh...come on, pizza, you know I love you!
  • More toppings!
  • Come on, more stuff!
  • MORE!
  • More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more....!
  • Something on that I don't like!
  • Something must go!
  • There's stuff on that I don't like!
  • Some of that stuff must go!
  • Some of that stuff is yuck!
  • Been there, seen that, still don't like it!
  • Saw that, smelled it, still don't like it!
  • Thank you, thank you!
  • The perfect pizza!
  • Ohhhhh... my pizza!

Arno after he eats his desired pizza.

  • 1, 2, 3!

Willomaen ("Willa")[]

  • Hmmm... little pizza makers!
  • Mmmmm....pizza pizza!
  • Mmmm....
  • Mmmmmmm!.....
  • There's something there I won't eat!
  • That topping, not for me thanks.
  • That topping, no!
  • There's something there I HATE!
  • Something's wrong!
  • Some of those toppings are distasteful!
  • Some of those items...EWWWWWW!
  • I dislike some of those items.
  • Some of that...I won't eat!
  • We tried that one already...
  • I didn't like that pizza the last time!
  • I'm starving!
  • Hmph!
  • I'd appreciate more toppings.
  • Is that all I get?
  • More toppings!
  • More....
  • MORE!
  • My compliments to the chef.
  • Now that's more like it!


  • You weren't fooling!
  • Pizza time!
  • Wow! Pizza makers!
  • They're here!
  • I love them!
  • My heroes!
  • Uh oh! There's something on that I don't want!
  • Uh oh!
  • Ohhhh, something's wrong.
  • Something's wrong.
  • Something on that's not good for me.
  • Gee, I wasn't expecting that one.
  • I'm allergic to some of those toppings... really!
  • I shouldn't eat some of those toppings.
  • Some of those might make me ill.
  • Ahh! Make it go away!
  • Could you make something new please?
  • I'd like more toppings please.
  • It's still missing my favorites.
  • More toppings...please.
  • May I have more please?
  • More please.
  • I'm really getting hungry.
  • FOOD!
  • I'm hungry.
  • Oops!
  • Thank you. (BLUSHES)
  • (BLUSHES) For me?

Known Pizza Trolls[]

  • Arno: The strongest of all trolls, although he can be very picky. He is very grouchy and mean towards the Zoombinis.
  • Willa: The only female in the trio. She can be just as impatient and picky as Arno. She first appears in the Oh, So Hard difficulty.
  • Shyler: The shy troll of the bunch, he is known for being kinder than the other trolls. He first appears in the Very Hard difficulty.


  • Arno: Short tan troll, mean eyes, angry mouth, green inside his trunk
  • Willa: Slender copper troll, brown eyelids, visible lips, usually shows her trunkhole
  • Shyler: Short and obese brown troll, sleepy green eyelids, big round tummy with two lines on each side, usually smiling