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Logical Journey Cover

The original cover of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, later retitled as Zoombinis' Logical Journey, is the first Zoombini game. It introduces the Zoombinis, the Fleens, and many other characters.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was re-released on August 6, 2015, under the name Zoombinis. This remake features updated graphics and support for modern operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and later Kindle).


The Zoombinis have become prisoners in their own island! Now they must escape, in groups of 16, to find their new home: Zoombiniville.


There are 12 puzzles grouped into 4 regions:

Logical Journey Title Screen

The title screen of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis.

Voice actors[]

  • Randall Nazarian (Arno, Ignorameous, Captain Cajun)
  • Max Trax (Shyler, Onyx)
  • Lorrin Jones (Ferrous, Ulla Instantaneous)
  • Racer Stevens (Fleens, Bruno the Shape Swapper)
  • Deborah Sale (Willa, Crystal)
  • Randy Williams (Fleens)
  • Mark Petrakis (Narrator)


  • Jonelle Adkisson (Ponytail)
  • Michelle Graham (Bob Hair)
  • Tom Rettig (Shaggy)
  • Norm MacQueen (Flattop)
  • Haroon Tahir (Tuft)

Version Differences[]

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was released by Brøderbund but later on changed hands to the Learning Company. The latter re-released the game as Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Deluxe and finally Zoombinis' Logical Journey, which is important because the last release is capable of running on modern computers where the original and Deluxe are not.

Deluxe introduced such features as Practice Mode, in which the player can pick any level and any difficulty to play without influencing their "campaign" progress, and the help icon, which explains how to solve each level from within it. It also required beating each path 3 times without losing any zoombini in order to raise its difficulty, instead of only needing to do so just once.

Zoombinis' Logical Journey offers no new features, but is able to run on newer computers.

Zoombinis is a remake of this game with updated assets released by FableVision, Learning Games Network, & Terc.