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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Arno the Almost Omnivorous is a grumpy Pizza Troll that first appears in Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. Comparable to many of his race, he has an incredible desire for pizza. However, Arno is incredibly picky about his toppings.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis[]

Arno is the first pizza troll the Zoombinis encounter in the "Pizza Pass" level on the "Not So Easy" difficulty. He wants the Zoombinis to make him a pizza of his liking, but he won't tell the Zoombinis what he wants on it, so they must figure out what he wants based on his complaints. If the Zoombinis are to guess wrong more than six times, he will start smacking them out of plain sight.

Zoombinis Island Odyssey[]

Arno as he appears in Zoombinis Island Odyssey

In the third installment of the Zoombinis series, Arno is no longer located in "Pizza Pass". He relocates to Zoombini Isle, to help the Zoombinis restore their old home by making holes for the berry plants.

Physical Appearance[]

Arno depicts the appearance of a short, beige, treestump-like physique, with stubby root-like feet, and short green arms.


Logical Journey of the Zoombinis[]

Intro quotes[]

  • Fleens? You're not fleens!
  • Hmph! Whatever you are, MAKE ME A PIZZA!
  • Pizza for breakfast, pizza with tea, pizza for lunch and snack and dessert baby would satisfy me!
  • Oh...come on, pizza, you know I love you.
  • Hmph!

Missing toppings[]

  • More toppings!
  • Come on! More stuff!
  • MORE!

Wrong toppings[]

  • Something on that I don't like!
  • Something must go!
  • There's stuff on that I don't like!
  • Some of that stuff must go!
  • Some of that stuff...is YUCK!
  • (QUICKLY) Some of that stuff must go!
  • Some of that stuff is yuck...
  • Been there, seen that, still don't like it.
  • Saw that, smelled it, still don't like it!

Right pizza[]

  • Thank you, thank you!
  • Awww...my pizza!
  • Have a Pizza PAAARTTYYYY!
  • 1, 2, 3!

Zoombinis Island Odyssey[]

  • Ha ha! There we go; a perfect set of planting holes! Remember, my garden closes at sunset!
  • So, there you are; well, time's a wasting, I've dug the holes; so let's get this planting done before sunset and please, try to keep the plants arranged property!
  • I guess, I never knew that you Zoombinis we're such good planters, nice work!
  • Nice planting, well, I suppose I've couldn't done it better myself!
  • Ahhh! No! No! No!
  • (Angry grumbling)
  • Hey! give it straight, we don't want anything in the wrong place!
  • (Huh)
  • If you want it to put that plant in that hole, why did you put the other one there first!
  • Those plants can't go together!
  • The garden is closed. I find it difficult to work in the dark.
  • The garden is CLOSED!